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Nitro K-9

Real Dog Training

Nitro K-9 presents advice on how to train your dog without food rewards, by developing the relationship between dog and handler using a "bond-based" system. Nitro K-9 founder and owner, Steve Walter is a "balanced trainer" who has trained thousands of dogs using a system of simple commands that develop team work between dog and handler. Steve has also rehabilitated hundreds of "red zone" dogs, suffering from anxiety, fear, and aggression. Nitro K-9 specializes in helping to resolve problem behaviors, to give dogs and their families a happy, healthy relationship. Episodes are released on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month. Hosted by Dave Tucker.  More information at

Sep 26, 2018

 “Heel” is the single most under-taught, under-practiced, and underused command in in dog training, but it’s the foundation of everything we do here at Nitro K-9 and it’s the cornerstone of any real dog training program.  Listen to Steve Walter's take on why "Heel" is so instrumental in the bond between dog and handler.  Hosted by Dave Tucker.